Periodi storia

  • 1947

    In 1947, in an Italy that was recovering from the Second World War, the tenacity and entrepreneurial farsightedness of Enrico Tavola led him to found a private import-export company trading between Italy and the United States, selling products for the car, a luxury item that few could afford at that time.

  • 1964

    In 1964, Gian Carlo Tavola, son of Enrico and current President of the company, obtained EXCLUSIVE distribution rights for ARBRE MAGIQUE® car air freshener products. In 1975, Tavola became not just distributors but also manufacturers of the world's most famous Car Air Freshener, sold however only in car accessory shops and through spare parts dealers.  

    The product very quickly established itself as undisputed market leader, thus prompting the company to produce and sell a complete range of products for car cleaning and care.

  • 1982

    Thanks to its experience, growth and know-how, in 1982 the company became exclusive distributor for STP® products, the historic American brand of oil and fuel additives. Constant development of the company meant that the STP® brand also became market leader,  a position it still holds today.

  • 1987

    In 1986 Dottor Gianpaolo Re joined Tavola in the role of Managing Director. Backed by his experience in leading multinationals, in 1987 he stimulated the company into setting up a specific division for Large Scale Distribution channels, in addition to encouraging distribution and production of new lines: personal hygiene and home-cleaning products.

  • 1993

    In 1993, Tavola further strengthened its growth trend by purchasing exclusive distribution and production rights on the Italian market for the COPPERTONE® range of sun products, leading brand on a world level and famous for its little girl and dog icon.

  • 2000

    Other successful lines have recently been added: ORPHEA PROTEZIONE PERSONA® and PODOVIS® for personal hygiene, ORPHEA SALVALANA®, MISTER MAGIC® and NEUTRODOR AMBIENTI E TESSUTI® for the home. Orphea Salvalana® anti-moth product and Mister Magic® Ovetto Assorbiodori odour absorber for the fridge are two products in particular that have become best-sellers.