Orphea Salvalana

Orphea Salvalana® (Fabric Protector) protects wool and more delicate garments thanks to its natural formula with over 400 natural essences extracted from plants and flowers, releasing a pleasantly personalised non-obtrusive fragrance into clothes.  
Orphea Salvalana® (Fabric Protector) is the natural protection chosen by Piacenza Cashmere.
Orphea Salvalana supports projects promoted by the Bioforest association in order to regenerate the environment.

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Protezione dei Tessuti

  • Protezione dei Tessuti
    Large wardrobe diffusers

    Diffusers in pure cellulose, ready to be hung and make even the largest wardrobe a protected and pleasantly scented place.

    Available in four fragrances: FlowersVirginia cedar wood, Lavander Maillette and Madagascar cloves.

  • Protezione dei Tessuti
    Strips for drawers and wardrobes

    Practical cellulose strips to put into drawers, linen boxes or on hangars to protect and perfume clothing. Available in 4 fragrances: flowers, Virginia cedar wood, lavender Maillette and Madagascar cloves.

  • Protezione dei Tessuti
    Sachets for drawers and wardrobes

    Perfumed sachets in hemp paper with corn starch granules to protect linens and delicate fabrics against the effects of time, effectively and delicately. Available in two fragrances: flowers and lavender maillette.

  • Protezione dei Tessuti
    Spray for carpets and heavy garments

    The easiest and quickest way to keep heavy garments and large articles safe. The AEROSOL dispenser makes it possible to spray just a little per square meter for perfect and fragrant protection. Available in the fragrances flowers and lavender maillette.

  • Protezione dei Tessuti
    Spray, inside cleaner, for cabinets and drawers

    The Orphea cleaner takes care of cabinets. Formula with natural based surfactant. Ideal for all kind of surfaces.

    FORMAT: 375 ML

  • Protezione dei Tessuti
    Liquid detergent for wool and natural fibres

    Orphea for wool and natural fibres is indicated for all delicate items, , both for machine and and hand washing. Gently wash wool, cachemire, linen and silk garments. Its dedicated formula enriched with Orphea’s flowers fragrance, prevents wool from felting without fading the natural hues of the fabric.